Muhammad Zafer Alhazmi

Muhammad Zafer Alhazmi Maritime Terminology of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea Coast

Maritime Terminology of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea Coast

A Lexical Semantic Study

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 331

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Langue: anglais
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 228 pages
ISBN 9783879974559

Long ago, I looked up some Arabic words in the main­st­ream lexica, but I failed to find many of them. By the time, I noticed that most of rese­ar­chers and second language lear­ners have enco­un­tered this dilemma, because of the lack of appro­priate resources. This situa­tion was exacer­bated by the fact that Arabic lexi­co­graphers concen­t­rated their efforts mainly to docu­ment Clas­sical Arabic, at the same time, they ignored a substan­tial body of words inclu­ding mate­rial cultural termi­no­logy.
This book aims to under­stand this pheno­menon by exami­ning a sample of Red Sea maritime termi­no­logy to prove the lack of such terms in Arabic lexica. The author creates a model of approach to help modern rese­ar­chers to under­stand the meanings of such non-docu­mented terms. Inves­ti­ga­ting spoken maritime terms gives this book the strength of synchronic and diachronic studies because terms were analysed against Arabic lexica from the clas­sical ages until modern times.
The book also aims to raise the aware­ness about this novel area of lingu­istic studies espe­cially in the Red Sea region. No studies were conducted to inves­ti­gate and docu­ment such endan­gered corpus, which is vanis­hing by the death of old sailors and fishermen, who used these terms in the days of sail and before the oil boom of 1960s. There­fore, some­t­hing should be done to save this rich lingu­istic heri­tage, and this study could be the begin­ning.

„Alhazmi has ... ransa­cked the lite­ra­ture of Arabic lexi­co­graphy with great skill and drive and has provided the reader also with an excel­lent insight into the vast lite­ra­ture of Arabic lexi­co­graphy. He is to be hear­tily cong­ra­tu­lated.“ (Rex Smith in OLZ 112 / 2017, p.378 f.)