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A Tale of Two Stories

Customary Marriage and Paternity. A Discourse Analysis of a Scandal in Egypt


This book inves­ti­gates an Egyp­tian scandal about paternity and marriage in the years 2004 to 2007. It asks about legal change in Egyp­tian family law and Islamic juri­s­pru­dence while also inqui­ring into the effects of media coverage. The study draws from a variety of sources, inclu­ding news­paper arti­cles, court rulings, univer­sity text­books, fatwas, etc. The resul­ting presen­ta­tion tells two diffe­ring stories about the affair of Hind al-Ḥinnāwī and Aḥmad al-Fīšāwī: one is dramatic and promises change, the other is tech­nical and...

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Wissenschaft, Philosophie und Religion

Religionskritische Positionen um 1900


Die im Laufe des 19. Jahr­hun­derts mit tech­ni­schen Mitteln erreichte Beherrsch­bar­keit der Natur und die Erwei­te­rung der mate­ri­ellen Möglich­keiten und der geis­tigen Hori­zonte gingen mit einer zuneh­menden Loslö­sung der Wissen­schaften von Philo­so­phie und Reli­gion einher. Sie führten auch in nahöst­li­chen Metro­polen zur Neube­stim­mung dieser drei Wissens- und Glau­bens­felder und ihres Verhält­nisses zuein­ander. Der vorlie­gende Band zeigt auf und erläu­tert, wie schöp­fe­risch diese Heraus­for­de­rung der Moderne teils in direkter Auseinan...

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Die Aktivistinnen der Ḥamās

Zur Rolle der Frauen in einer islamistischen Bewegung


Welche Rolle spielen Frauen in der Ḥamās? Ihre Betei­li­gung in der isla­mis­ti­schen Bewe­gung wird anhand von fünf Leit­fragen unter­sucht: Wie sind die Frauen in die Struk­turen einge­bunden? Welchen Beitrag leisten sie für den Fort­be­stand und Erfolg der Ḥamās? Inwie­fern fühlen sich die Frauen selbst reprä­sen­tiert und für wie einfluss­reich halten sie sich inner­halb und außer­halb der Ḥamās-Struk­turen? Welche Bedeu­tung hat das Enga­ge­ment für die Frauen selbst? Und wie wird sich die Rolle der Frauen zukünftig entwi­ckeln? Die Autorin...

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60 Years of the Permanent International Altaistic Conference (PIAC)

A Bibliography


Today, we have possibly reached a point where we discuss, or explore anew, the scien­tific ratio­nale of pursuing Altaic Studies. In this situa­tion it might be helpful to remember that all scho­larly endea­vors unavo­i­dably consti­tute a process where ready answers are not adequate. Looking back to the histo­rical devo­lop­ment of a given field of rese­arch will make this process more tran­s­pa­rent and permit to envi­sage the possi­bi­lites of future rese­arch more clearly. It is in this sense that this biblio­graphy of arti­cles published in...

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Studies on Legal Relations between the Ottoman Empire/the Republic of Turkey and Hungary, Cyprus, and Macedonia

Selected Essays in Hungarian, English, German, and Turkish


With a fore­word by Kinga Hazai; a post­face by János Hóvári and a devo­­te­­ment by György Hazai. Prof. Gábor Hamza, through his Studies of Civil (Roman) law, EU law, Compa­ra­tive law and Eastern Euro­pean legal systems, contri­butes immea­su­r­ably to the under­stan­ding of the history of civil law, the diffe­rent codi­fi­ca­tion processes and its cross-border influ­ence. Compa­ra­tive legal studies, such as his, are not only inva­luable for fatho­ming the various ways in which society can exist, but also pave the way for future legal experts...

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Foreign Investment in the Sultanate of Oman

Legal Guarantees and Weaknesses in Providing Investment Protection


This book is an in-depth inves­ti­ga­tion of the legal protec­tion of foreign invest­ment in the Sulta­nate of Oman. Foreign invest­ment brings a well-quali­fied work force into the reci­pient country, provides jobs for the local labour force, and offers a long-term source of capital and advanced tech­no­lo­gies. The deve­lo­ping country also bene­fits from the fact that foreign invest­ment is often accom­pa­nied by global stan­dards of best-practice mana­ge­ment. The elements of inves­ti­ga­tion used in this study can be applied to other deve­lopi...

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Ākām al-marjān fī aḥkām al-jānn

Badr al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Shiblī


Biblio­theca Isla­mica Vol. 57 791 pp. Arabic, 72 pp. English text, illu­s­t­ra­tions. Ākām al-marjān fī aḥkām al-jānn (The Hills of Precious Pearls Concer­ning the Legal Ordi­nances of the Jinn) is the first critical edition of the most compre­hen­sive mono­graph about Jinn and their legal ordi­nances in Islam, written by Badr al-Dīn al-Shiblī, a jurist and judge of the 14th century CE. The text gives an over­view of all reli­gious, deno­mi­na­tional and philo­so­phical theo­ries and ordi­nances about the Jinn, Iblīs and all types of satanic ...