Éva M. Jeremiás (ed.)

Éva M. Jeremiás (ed.) Irano-Turkic Cultural Contacts in the 11th-17th Centuries

Irano-Turkic Cultural Contacts in the 11th-17th Centuries

Acta et Studia I

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
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The majo­rity of the papers deal with the inte­rior and exte­rior circum­stances of the emer­ging Ottoman Empire in the 16th century: the impact of the Ottoman-Persian wars on Ottoman policy in Central Europe; the prob­lems of the border­land areas like Kurdistan; the signi­fi­cance of the capture of the family members of rival dyna­s­ties, and similar aspects. Another group of studies discusses the deve­lop­ment that had taken place in the prece­ding centu­ries, inves­ti­ga­ting aspects of thought and literary genres. Two studies focus on the import­ance and growing influ­ence of spiri­tual autho­ri­ties and informal reli­gious groups, a crucial factor in the struggle for political supre­macy. Four studies deal with literacy and languages, the Sultan Bayezit’s library and courtly music.