Abdulrahman al-Salimi

Abdulrahman al-Salimi Ibāḍism East of Mesopotamia

Ibāḍism East of Mesopotamia

Early Islamic Iran, Central Asia and India

Orient Institut Beirut

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Langue: anglais, arabe
1. Edition ()
Hardcover, 250 pages
ISBN 9783879976997

Biblio­theca Isla­mica Vol. 51

Ibadism in Eastern Meso­potamia, Iran, Central Asia and India in the Early Islamic Period pres­ents the edition and trans­la­tion of three Ibadi siyar (epistles) from the 4th and 5th centu­ries AH (11th and 12th centu­ries CE). Siyar are a literary form frequ­ently found among Muslim groups during the early Islamic period. Best described as epistles or state­ments of faith and dialectics, they are a blend of history, lite­ra­ture and discourses on ethics from a theo­lo­gical and political angle. They consti­tute an important part of Oman’s Ibadi heri­tage.
The three siyar were recently disco­vered and are now published for the first time. The first addresses the people of Khwa­razm (Sirah ila ahl Khwa­razm), the second those of Khurasan (Sirah ila ahl Khurasan), and the third those of Mansurah in Sind (Sirat al-Imam Rashid bn Sa‘id al-Yahmadi ila ahl al-Mansurah bi-l-Sind). These texts provide a full and accu­rate picture of the creedal, fiqhi (juri­s­pru­den­tial) and intel­lec­tual debates that were taking place in the Ibadi school during the time they were written.
This new source mate­rial is used here to study the elusive history of the Ibadi communi­ties in Eastern Meso­potamia, Khorasan, Central Asia and Sind during the period up to the 12th and 13th centu­ries [CE]. The epistles reflect the vibrant theo­lo­gical and intel­lec­tual debates of the day, and they provide infor­ma­tion about contacts between local groups or, as in one case, between a local group and a ruling imam of Oman’s second imamate in the 5th century CE. They can be read as evidence of an Ibadi presence in these geogra­phical areas that no longer exists today.

Abdul­rahman al-Salimi, the author of the book, earned his Ph.D. from Durham Univer­sity in 2001 with a disser­ta­tion on Omani siyar. He is the chief editor of the journal al-Tasamuh and has published several books and arti­cles on related topics.