Amer Nizar Ghrawi

Amer Nizar Ghrawi An Elusive Hope

An Elusive Hope

State Reform in Syria 2000—2007

Studien zum Modernen Orient 27

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
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This book sets out to review the state reforms that have been carried out in Syria during the first presi­den­tial period of Bashar Al-Assad and the „elusive hopes“ that came with them. Caught in an autho­ri­ta­rian system, Syrians linked the pros­pect of a broad state reform to hopes for economic and social progress, greater political parti­ci­pa­tion and better public admi­ni­s­t­ra­tion, and above all, an improved service deli­very and less corrup­tion. However, the promised reforms failed to deliver the expected results and led to more than just disap­po­int­ment.
In his study, Amer Ghrawi analyzes the inter­play between factors at both national and regional levels and how they shaped the course of reform and caused its gradual derai­ling. He provides a detailed account of a very specific reform, describes how this reform was imple­mented, how it got trapped and aban­doned, and why.
In retro­s­pect, the period from 2000 to 2007 is indeed crucial for under­stan­ding the catastro­phic events that followed. In fact, the reforms might well have been Bashar Al-Assad´s only chance to prevent the country from sliding into its current chaos.