Claudio de Moura Castro

Claudio de Moura Castro Learning an Occupation

Learning an Occupation

Practices and Policies

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Educa­tion and trai­ning have often been cons­i­dered as polar extremes, the first being the deve­lop­ment of the mind and the latter the mastery of strictly practical endea­vours. But the two worlds of practical and concep­tual endea­vours are less distant than it may seem and these simp­listic views of educa­tion and trai­ning are misguided. Indeed, there are defini­tional prob­lems concer­ning educa­tion and trai­ning, leading to misguided poli­cies. There is a need for a clear under­stan­ding of the over­laps and contrasts between the two concepts.
The papers collected in this book reflect the past expe­ri­ence of the author, working in Brazil, for the ILO, for the World Bank and for the Intera­me­rican Deve­lop­ment Bank; in addi­tion, as an outside observer, watching SENAI (the Brazi­lian Indu­s­trial Trai­ning Service) and other similar insti­tu­tions in the country. They are neither theo­retical exer­cises nor efforts to count heads. Instead, the papers result from the effort to under­stand trai­ning, as it happens inside schools and trai­ning centres. But also, looking at a broader picture and asking what poli­cies are appro­priate to deal with them as a group.