Egodi Uchendu

Egodi Uchendu Islam in the Niger Delta, 1890—2017

Islam in the Niger Delta, 1890—2017

A Synthesis of the Accounts of Indigenes and Migrants

Studien zum Modernen Orient 32

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Sprache: Englisch
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Paperback, 340 Seiten
ISBN 9783879974870

What intersec­tions lie between late nine­te­enth century elephant hunting in some parts of West Africa and the expan­sion of Islam in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria in the twenty-first century? Egodi Uchendu explores this symbiosis, among other themes, in her latest mono­graph.
Through parti­ci­pant obser­va­tion and focus group discus­sion in addi­tion to employing a wide spec­trum of secon­dary and oral sources from nume­rous, well-informed inter­vie­wees in the study area, Uchendu inves­ti­gates the emer­gence and spread of Islam in the Niger Delta. Her docu­men­ta­tion of Islam's disse­mi­na­tion in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River and Rivers States is unique as histo­rical studies on predo­mi­n­antly Chris­tian areas in Eastern Nigeria have prima­rily been focused on Igbo­land.
Uchendu's work not only explores subal­tern and gendered perspec­tives of Islam in the four states mentioned, but also her repro­duc­tion of large portions and sometimes, entire narra­tives from face-to-face inter­views provide a rich tape­stry of events and a more lucid trea­tise of the subject matter. In addi­tion, the clear expla­na­tion of Islamic concepts and terms makes an other­wise tech­nical discus­sion a rela­ti­vely uncom­p­li­cated read.
Scho­lars working in the areas of history, reli­gion, politics, socio­logy, gender and related fields will find this book inva­luable for rese­ar­ching multi­di­s­ci­p­li­nary themes such as migrant-host exchanges, Islamic utility, reli­gious conver­sions and recon­ver­sions, urban studies, patron-client networks and sett­le­ment expan­sion. This is defini­tely a book to possess for both students and rese­ar­chers alike.