Eva M. Jeremiás (ed.)

Eva M. Jeremiás (ed.) Zsigmond Telegdi: Opera Omnia II

Zsigmond Telegdi: Opera Omnia II

Acta et Studia IV

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
Langue: anglais, hongrois
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 458 pages
ISBN 9789638635990

Parallel to volume I, this book contains Zs. Telegdy’s 26 arti­cles published in Hunga­rian. The two volumes combined present practi­cally his comp­lete lingu­istic oeuvre, a wide-ranging collec­tion of essays origi­nally published in various Hunga­rian and inter­na­tional jour­nals.
His books do not form part of the reprinted mate­rial in this Opera Omnia edition.