Gábor Hamza

Gábor Hamza Overview of the Hungarian – Turkish Jurists’ Relations

Overview of the Hungarian – Turkish Jurists’ Relations

Selected Studies in Hungarian, German, English and Turkish

edited by Kinga Hazai

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Langue: allemand, anglais, Türkisch, hongrois
1. Edition ()
Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN 9783879974634
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With a fore­word by Kinga Hazai; a post­face by J. Hóvári and a devo­te­ment by G. Hazai.

Prof. Gábor Hamza, through his Studies of Civil (Roman) law, EU law, Compa­ra­tive law and Eastern Euro­pean legal systems, contri­butes immea­su­r­ably to the under­stan­ding of the history of civil law, the diffe­rent codi­fi­ca­tion processes and its cross-border influ­ence. Compa­ra­tive legal studies, such as his, are not only inva­luable for fatho­ming the various ways in which society can exist, but also pave the way for future legal experts to one day achieve the long desired co-exis­tence and mutual respect between diffe­ren­cing cultures and reli­gions.
Cultural and reli­gious diver­sity is a safe­guard against the so called »clash of civi­liza­tions«, which seems to be such a problem nowa­days. A settled, law-abiding popu­la­tion in every multi-ethnic country under­mines the view that a place »belongs« to just one faith or culture. The first step however is to under­stand the roots of our diver­sity, upon which the foun­da­tions of society and its legal system rest.
The antho­logy of Prof. Gábor Hamza gives us a little glance at this kind of compa­ra­tive analysis, and enables the under­stan­ding of how Western Euro­pean legal deve­lop­ment has influ­enced the legis­la­tion of the Ottoman Empire and nearby terri­to­ries such as Cyprus and Mace­donia. The author also intro­duces us to the excep­tional oeuvre of András Bertalan Schwarz, another remar­kable specia­list in Turkish – Hunga­rian legal rela­ti­onship.