Giuliano Mion (ed.)

Giuliano Mion (ed.) Mediterranean Contaminations

Mediterranean Contaminations

Middle East, North Africa, and Europe in Contact

Studien zum Modernen Orient 31

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Sprache: Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch
1. Auflage ()
Paperback, 290 Seiten
ISBN 9783879974689

The Medi­ter­ra­nean is a sea that has expe­ri­enced extra­or­di­nary contacts, conf­licts, enco­un­ters and exchanges through the centu­ries. This comple­xity is analysed in the present volume through the eyes of twelve scho­lars specia­lised in Middle Eastern and North African studies.
Arabic and Semitic lingu­istics and dialec­to­logy, Arab lite­ra­ture and popular music and culture are some of the broad range of subjects included in this volume which engages diffe­rent geogra­phical areas of the so-called Mare Nostrum and various histo­rical periods, from the medieval to the contem­porary era.