Hassan Mwakimako

Hassan Mwakimako Mosques in Kenya

Mosques in Kenya

Muslim Opinions on Religion, Politics and Development

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The Muslim society in Kenya is far from being mono­li­thic, whether cultural, social or political. It is there­fore impe­ra­tive that thoughts and insights of each aspect of this hete­ro­gen­eity play a contri­bu­ting role in the debate and discourses of issues that affect all Muslims in Kenya. This report projects the mosque as an insti­tu­tion playing a unique role and vital role in the Muslim communi­ties of Kenya and its findings gathered from the opinions of mosque parti­ci­pants in Kenya provide some useful insights on Muslim life and pres­ents a mirror image of Muslim opinions and expe­ri­ences. Its unique portrayal of the centra­lity of the opinions of mosque parti­ci­pants is important and essen­tial for Muslim leaders, policy makers and the public. I am confi­dent that this initial study of Muslim opinions contri­butes greatly to the goal of under­stan­ding Muslim concerns on the state, reli­gion, politics, economy and social deve­lop­ments.