Iván Szántó (ed.)

Iván Szántó (ed.) From Aṣl to Zāʾīd: Essays in Honour of Éva Jeremiás

From Aṣl to Zāʾīd: Essays in Honour of Éva Jeremiás

Acta et Studia XIII

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
Langue: anglais, français
1. Edition ()
Hardcover, 334 pages
ISBN 9786155343032

Cove­ring a wide range of subjects within the general field of Iranian studies, this collec­tion of essays consists of contri­bu­tions by twenty scho­lars. Most arti­cles concen­t­rate on Persian lingu­istics (Ela Filip­pone: The so-called Old Persian ‘poten­tial construc­tion’; Mária Gósy: Simi­la­ri­ties and diffe­rences in the early acqui­si­tion of grammar by Persian and Hunga­rian children; Carina Jahani: Complex predi­cates and the issue of tran­si­ti­vity: The case of Southern Balochi; Maria Macuch: Preci­sion orien­tated legal language in the Sasa­nian law of inhe­ri­tance; Ágnes Németh: How do young Iranians speak?; Paola Orsatti: Spoken features in clas­sical Persian texts; Adriano V. Rossi: Diglossia in Persian; ‘Ali Ashraf Sadeghi: Rare forms of personal endings in some Clas­sical Persian texts; Nicholas and Ursula Sims-Williams: Rustam and his zīn-i palang).
A number of further essays discuss Persian lite­ra­ture (Clif­ford Edmund Bosworth: The poet ‘Asjadī and early Ghaz­navid history; Paul Luft: Authenti­city and iden­tity of Qājār poetry on stone and paper; Chris­tine van Ruym­beke: Sir William Jones and the Anwār-i Suhaylī), histo­rio­graphy (Bert G. Fragner: Orien­ta­lismus in Abenteuer­er­zah­lungen aus der fruhen Sowjet­u­nion; Anna Kras­no­wolska: The Sarma­tian myth and Poland’s nine­te­enth-century Orien­ta­lism; Katalin Torma: Geor­gius Gentius and the early recep­tion of the Gulistān in Hungary; Sibylla Wentker: A visit of the Shah. Vienna and the false Rūznāma of Nāṣir al-Dīn Shah); reli­gion (Antonio Panaino: Jesus’ trimor­phisms and tetra­mor­phisms in the meeting with the Magi), science (Ziva Vesel: Les figures astro­lo­gi­ques dans les traites persans); and art (Iván Szántó: Bahāʼ al-Dīn al-‘Āmilī and the visual arts).

The volume contains nume­rous illu­s­t­ra­tions, mostly in colour, and it includes a compre­hen­sive biblio­graphy of Éva M. Jere­miás up to 2015.