Jesko Schmoller

Jesko Schmoller Achieving a Career, Becoming a Master

Achieving a Career, Becoming a Master

Aspirations in the Lives of Young Uzbek Men

Studien zum Modernen Orient 26

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Language: English
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 238 pages
ISBN 9783879974405

“Achie­ving a Career, Beco­ming a Master” gives an insight into the ever­yday lives of young men in the Uzbek capital, Tash­kent. As the Soviet Union made access to Central Asia an outright impos­si­bi­lity for foreign rese­ar­chers, and due to the present auto­c­ratic system and its control of infor­ma­tion, there exists very little exper­tise on Uzbek society and culture. The book explores what young Uzbeks strive for in the profes­sional and private spheres and how they try to realize their aims. As most of them are inclined either to become successful busi­nessmen or make a career within the state appa­ratus, special atten­tion is given to Uzbek entre­p­re­neurship and the civil service.

Cons­i­de­ring the chal­lenge within the diffi­cult labor market of earning enough money to marry, estab­lis­hing the funds to afford the incre­dibly expen­sive wedding cere­mony is regarded a real achie­ve­ment. The cultural context and its influ­ence on the way young Uzbeks think and act are also taken account of.

Stra­tegic plan­ning informs the work­place agency of young employees strugg­ling to build a career. Deter­mined to carve out their personal trajec­to­ries and to assert them­selves in the face of strong social and economic forces, the indi­vi­duals portrayed here defy the stereo­type of the collec­tive-minded subject of post-Soviet Asia.