Klaus Schaack

Klaus Schaack Why do German Companies Invest in Apprenticeships?

Why do German Companies Invest in Apprenticeships?

The Dual System Revisited

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The book offers histo­rical and political expla­na­tions, a criti­cism of neoclas­sical and common-sense models in compa­ra­tive voca­tional educa­tion rese­arch. It also inspects struc­tures, insti­tu­tions and boos­ters of the dual system's perfor­mance. The ques­tion of why German compa­nies and private sector insti­tu­tions not only parti­ci­pate in trai­ning but also in trai­ning design high­lights a very clear beha­vioural diffe­rence between German entre­p­re­neurs and those of many other coun­tries. It is largely a ques­tion that concerns the social forces that have a deci­sive say in design, super­vi­sion and imple­men­ta­tion of trai­ning.
Klaus Schaack, econo­mist, born 1947, worked in the field of tech­nical and voca­tional educa­tion and trai­ning (TVET) and inter­na­tional TVET coope­ra­tion for several German and foreign orga­niza­tions from 1980 to 2010. Prior to his sudden demise, he had served ten years as the TVET adviser to the Laotian Mini­stry of Educa­tion, the South Korean Mini­stry of Labour and several Korean trai­ning agen­cies inclu­ding the HRD Service of Korea, the Korea Foun­da­tion of Poly­technic Colleges (KOPO) and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Indu­stry (KCCI).