Lejla Demiri und Islam Dayeh (Hg.)

Lejla Demiri und Islam Dayeh (Hg.) Ḥallāl al-ʿuqad fī bayān aḥkām al-muʿtaqad

Ḥallāl al-ʿuqad fī bayān aḥkām al-muʿtaqad

Najm al-Dīn Sulaymān b. ʿAbd al-Qawī al-Ṭūfī al-Ḥanbalī

Orient Institut Beirut

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Langue: arabe, anglais
1. Edition ()
Hardcover, 172 pages
ISBN 9783879977062

Biblio­theca Isla­mica Vol. 58

The Ḥallāl al-ʿuqad fī bayān aḥkām al-muʿtaqad (Untying the Knots in Expoun­ding the Prin­ci­ples of Faith), also known as Qudwat al-muhtadīn ilā maqāṣid al-dīn (The Exem­plar of the Rightly Guided to the Objec­tives of Reli­gion), is an early four­te­enth-century theo­lo­gical trea­tise. The Ḥallāl is perhaps the only survi­ving text in which al-Ṭūfī expounds his theo­logy in a brief and syste­matic manner with an inten­tion to provide a short and uncom­p­li­cated outline of the prin­ci­ples of faith. Its author, Najm al-Dīn al-Ṭūfī (d. 716/1316) is a key Ḥanbalī scholar of the Mamluk period. His writings mani­fest cons­i­de­rable crea­ti­vity and erudi­tion.
The critical edition is based on a single survi­ving manu­script (Staats­bi­b­lio­thek Berlin). The study was prepared by Lejla Demiri and Islam Dayeh. Lejla Demiri holds a docto­rate from the Univer­sity of Cambridge and is Professor of Islamic Doctrine at the Centre for Islamic Theo­logy, Univer­sity of Tübingen. Islam Dayeh holds a docto­rate from Freie Univer­sität Berlin where he is Assi­s­tant Professor of Arabic Studies.