Majid Salman Hussain

Majid Salman Hussain British Policy and the Nationalist Movement in Egypt, 1914-1924

British Policy and the Nationalist Movement in Egypt, 1914-1924

A Political Study

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 322

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
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Middle East, Colo­nia­lism, Occu­pa­tion, Inde­pen­dence, National Move­ment

The book brings to light the British policy and the natio­na­list move­­ment in Egypt in its histo­rical and political context. This has been done through detailed coverage as to the role played by the British inter­fe­rence in Egyp­tian political, social and economic aspects as well as through illu­s­t­ra­ting the methods that were used to control Egypt. At the same time it offers a broad analysis of the Egyp­tian natio­na­list move­ment struggle against the occu­pa­tion during this period.
The study gives the reader a critical perspec­tive as to the mecha­­nism of the British policy and the deve­lop­ment of the natio­na­list move­ment, drawing on histo­rical sources and political thoughts with the cons­i­de­ra­tion of a compa­ra­tive dimen­sion of this field, using primary British and Egyp­tian archival sources.
Finally, it provides the reader with a strong foun­da­tion in under­stan­­ding the Egyp­tian struggle up to 1952 and its follo­wing success in obtai­ning its inde­pen­dence and setting a prece­dence for inde­pen­­dence across the Middle East.