Matthias Weinreich

Matthias Weinreich »We Are Here to Stay«

»We Are Here to Stay«

Pashtun Migrants in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 285

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
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ISBN 9783879973569
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2nd revised edition

…this book succeeds perfectly in recon­struc­ting Pashtun migrants’ jour­neys and sett­le­ments in the Nort­hern Areas of Pakistan. But it also offers the reader a vivid and realistic picture of Pashtun life, usages and tradi­tions… (Matteo De Chiara)

Drawing prima­rily on oral sources from the author's own rese­arch carried out between 1993 and 1997, this book outlines the sett­le­ment history of Pashto spea­kers in Pakistan's Nort­hern Areas over the last 150 years, concen­t­ra­ting on the decades follo­wing the opening of the Kara­korum Highway in 1978. Besides this, it looks at how the migrants' language situa­tion had deve­loped by the mid 1990s. It inves­ti­gates how Pashto spea­kers commu­ni­cated with each other and with members of their re­spec­tive Shina-, Khowar-, Balti- and Buru­s­haski-spea­king host communi­ties, focus­sing in parti­cular on cross-dialectal commu­ni­ca­tion and language shift. The book also aims to define how the trends related to Pashtun migra­tion to the Nort­hern Areas in the mid 1990s could develop in the near future. Inter­woven with this analysis are child­hood memo­ries and life stories reco­unted by the Pashto spea­kers inter­viewed by the author. All inter­vie­wees were ordi­nary people leading ordi­nary lives - traders, cobb­lers, tea boys, farmers and porters. Their stories provide a voice to the Pashto spea­king migrants them­selves and give the reader a fasci­na­ting insight into their lives. Book-reviews (Cambridge Journal):

»Wein­reich needs to be cong­ra­tu­lated in produ­cing a picture of an area that is both remote and dange­rous and of a people who are now attrac­ting wider atten­tion.« [J. of the Royal Asiatic Society (2009) 3rd Series, 19, pp 405 f.]
»Wein­reich addresses in his study a long neglected and under­stu­died pheno­menon. He sheds light on the language environ­ment of migrants who moved from the South into the bazaar towns and rural sett­le­ments of Nort­hern Pakistan.« [Erdkunde, Vol. 63 (4), p 389, pdf]­reich_EK63_review.pdf

»He paves the tran­si­tion from past to present by explai­ning the geography and demo­graphy of the Nort­hern Areas in a concise manner, and preci­sely brings to the reader the lingu­istic, ethnic, social, reli­gious and secta­rian contours of the Nort­hern Areas.« (Asma Shakir Khawaja and Shafqat Saeed; Orien­ta­lis­ti­sche Lite­ra­tur­zei­tung 108 - 2013)