Miklós Maróth (ed.)

Miklós Maróth (ed.) Problems in Arabic Literature

Problems in Arabic Literature

Acta et Studia III

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
Language: German, English, French
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 189 pages
ISBN 9789638635945
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The volume incor­po­rates papers presented by G. J. van Gelder,A. Hámori, G. Scho­eler, J. E. Mont­go­mery, K. Skarżyńska-Bocheńska, Abdul-Nabi Isstaif, Z. Szom­bathy, M. Maróth and L. Tüske.
The subjects dealt with include poetry in histo­rio­gra­phical works, the oeuvres of Abu Ala al-MaÝarri, Ibn Fadlan, Jahiz and Imru ’l-Qays, the Ottoman sultan Bayezit’s library, the role of natural dispo­si­tion in poetry and modern Arabic literary criti­cism.