Raffael Beier

Raffael Beier Shifting Urban Policies in North Africa after the Arab Spring

Shifting Urban Policies in North Africa after the Arab Spring

Urgent Reaction or Real Changes?

Dieter Weiss / Steffen Wippel, Freie Universität Berlin - Volkswirtschaft des Vorderen Orients

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Social injustice, corrup­tion, an autho­ri­ta­rian rule of law and the growing contrasts between rich and poor have become parti­cu­larly evident in the Arab coun­tries’ largest metro­po­litan areas. Mirro­ring the contrast between global aspi­ra­tions and local chal­lenges, these “cities of extremes” have seen the emer­gence of gated communi­ties and urban flagship projects in the direct neigh­bour­hood of preca­rious informal sett­le­ments. Far too often, the region’s urban plan­ning is not demand-led, but rather driven by a centrally controlled real-estate market that feeds a hardly tran­s­pa­rent, rentier-based economic model. Conse­qu­ently, top-down plan­ning has often prio­ri­tised ambi­tious large-scale projects instead of decen­tra­lised and diffe­ren­tiated plan­ning solu­tions.