Sonja Hegasy / Elke Kaschl (eds.)

Sonja Hegasy / Elke Kaschl (eds.) Changing Values among Youth

Changing Values among Youth

Examples from the Arab World and Germany

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Despite growing aware­ness of its vital signi­fi­cance since September 11th, not a single compre­hen­sive youth study exists for an Arab country. Current rese­arch is often scat­tered, partly inac­ces­sible, and to a great extent concen­t­rates on specia­lized topics. It is crucial, not merely for Arab socie­ties, to know more about the attitude of almost two-thirds of the Arab popu­la­tion to social and political issues. This volume takes exam­ples from Morocco, Egypt, Pales­tine, Iraq, Syria and Germany to demon­s­t­rate the poten­tial and the limi­ta­tions of youth rese­arch in the Arab world and beyond.