Steffen Wippel

Steffen Wippel The Reality and Hyperreality of Other Places

The Reality and Hyperreality of Other Places

Integrated Tourism Complexes and Container Ports in Oman

Diskussionspapiere - Volkswirtschaft des Vorderen Orients

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To analyse the »hyper­rea­lity« of tourism and port sites in Oman and their »other­ness« is a chal­len­ging endea­vour when neigh­bou­ring Dubai is already so extre­mely hyper­real and its urba­nistic and archi­tec­tural design has been studied by so many scho­lars. However, besides analy­sing how pheno­mena of a similar kind emerged in Oman, too, the inten­tion of this article is to distin­guish what is specific to the Sulta­nate compared with other places in the region and to cons­ider such newly estab­lished projects from enlarged and multi­fa­ceted theo­retical perspec­tives. Besides the economic and demo­gra­phic centre of gravity along the country’s nort­hern coast, exam­ples will also be taken from the Salalah area in the southern­most region of Dhofar.