Abdessamad Belhaj

Abdessamad Belhaj Questions Théologiques Dans La Rhétorique Arabe

Questions Théologiques Dans La Rhétorique Arabe

Acta et Studia IX

The Avicenna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies / Piliscsaba
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The author examines the connec­tion between rhetoric and bayan from the point of view of various authors and theo­lo­gical schools. First he examines the devices common to both theo­logy and rhetoric (analogy, meta­phor, istidlal, etc.) and then the ques­tion of bayan in the mu'tazi­lite and Sunnite tradi­tions. He pays special atten­tion to Qadi 'Abd al-Jabbar, Hanba­lism, Ibn Taymiyya and the Islamic rational theo­logy (kalam).

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