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Belkacem Belmekki Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the Muslim Cause in British India

Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the Muslim Cause in British India

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 292

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Sprache: Englisch
1. Auflage ()
Paperback, 179 Seiten
ISBN 9783879973774

This book seeks to outline Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan’s approach to the Muslim cause in British India. Hailed by his suppor­ters – mainly Muslim natio­na­lists in South Asia – as a great leader, and criti­cized scat­hingly by his oppon­ents and dubbed as a ‘toady’ or ‘syco­phant’ of the British, Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan remains, hitherto, a very con­tro­ver­sial perso­na­lity. Be that as it may, no one can deny his deci­sive role in shaping his co-reli­gio­nists’ destiny in the Indian Sub-conti­nent up to inde­pen­­dence, namely the crea­tion of Pakistan. He was, indeed, one of those who took the initia­tive to save Islam and Muslims from further disgrace and dete­rio­ra­tion, at a time when the process of the dis­­in­te­g­ra­tion of the Muslim world was set in motion and the fate of the Indian Muslims had already begun follo­wing a down­ward trajectory. This book also explores his socio-reli­gious reforms, and parti­cu­larly his fresh orien­ta­tion over the issue of Muslim-Chris­tian rela­ti­onship in the light of modern times, a subject deemed very sensi­tive in the Indian context at the time.