Denis Hermann / Fabrizio Speziale (eds.)

Denis Hermann / Fabrizio Speziale (eds.) Muslim Cultures in the Indo-Iranian World during the Early-Modern and Modern Periods

Muslim Cultures in the Indo-Iranian World during the Early-Modern and Modern Periods

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 290

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Language: English
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 596 pages
ISBN 9783879973644

Released in coope­ra­tion and coedi­tion with the Institut Fran­cais de Recherche in Iran (IFRI)
The volume inquires into the intel­lec­tual and reli­gious features of Muslim cultures in Iran and India during the early-modern and modern periods. Important trans­for­ma­tions occurred in the Indo-Iranian world in these periods, begin­ning from the Safa­vids' coming to power in Iran and the Mughals' ascent in India, which occurred almost contem­pora­neously during the first half of the sixte­enth century. The Safa­vids' conver­sion of the Iranian plateau to Shi'ism had a deci­sive influ­ence on Iran's reli­gious and political iden­tity. However, the emer­gence of a Shi'i power in Iran that was opposed to the Sunni Islam that prevailed on the Indian sub-Conti­nent did not lead to a cultural isola­tion of the two regions. Muslim scho­lars and texts circu­lated widely among these coun­tries, and the cultural scene in Safavid Iran was bound to exer­cise a signi­fi­cant influ­ence on the Muslim intel­lec­tual milieu of India.
This volume is a collec­tion of essays by scho­lars working in this field who inves­ti­gate these topics from varying perspec­tives. Some essays explore in parti­cular the contacts achieved in this epoch between the Muslim and the Indian tradi­tions.
The arti­cles of the first chapter deal with the politics and society during the Safavid-Mughal period. The second chapter inves­ti­gates the Shi'i legacy in the Deccan region. The essays of the third chapter focus on acti­vi­ties in Indian and Iranian mystical circles. The fourth chapter explores the Muslim refor­mist trends of the nine­te­enth and twen­tieth centu­ries. The fifth chapter looks into philo­so­phical and scien­tific studies. The last chapter discusses the enco­un­ters between the Muslim and the Hindu tradi­tions.