Giovanni Stary

Giovanni Stary Selected Manchu Studies

Selected Manchu Studies

Contributions to History, Literature, and Shamanism of the Manchus

Hartmut Walravens (ed.) Studien zur Sprache, Geschichte und Kultur der Turkvölker 17

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Giovanni Stary is an outstan­ding specia­list in Manchu Studies. Till his recent reti­re­ment he held the chair of Manchu at the Univer­sity of Venice (Italy). Stary covered many fields, espe­cially lite­ra­ture, shama­nism, history.
He convinced scho­lars that Manchu was not just a dead language but had merits of its own and deserved to be recog­nized as an inde­pen­dent disci­p­line.
Besides focu­sing on the early history of the Manchus and Manchu indi­ge­nous lite­ra­ture, he disco­vered the lite­ra­ture of the Sibe, Manchus in Xinjiang’s Ili region, which are offi­cially regarded as a sepa­rate mino­rity in China.
Of his many publi­ca­tions a selec­tion is offered in this volume (in German, English or Italian) – they supp­le­ment his mono­graphs and comprise the latest results of his rese­arch. With index.