Nasif Sulaiman 'Auwad und Lotfi Toumi (ed.)

Nasif Sulaiman 'Auwad und Lotfi Toumi (ed.) Kommentar zu einer Sammlung vorislamischer Poesie

Kommentar zu einer Sammlung vorislamischer Poesie

Orient Institut Beirut

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Sprache: Arabisch
2. erw. Auflage ()
Hardcover, 1167 Seiten
ISBN 9783879976614

Zweite, erwei­terte Auflage. Band 47a-b: Sarh Al-As'ar As-Sitta Al-Gahi­liya von Abu Bakr 'Asim B. Aiyub Al-Bata­lyausi. Teil 1 und 2. (zwei Bde.)

Sharḥ al-Ash῾ār al-Sitta al-Jāhi­liyya is an exten­sive philo­lo­gical commen­tary on the poetry antho­lo­gies of six of the most famous ancient Arabian poets in pre- and early Islamic times.
The philo­lo­gical commen­tary was composed by the Anda­lu­sian scholar ῾Āṣim b. Ayyūb al-Baṭa­lyawsī (d. 494/1100) and became a wide spread book on the pres­ti­gious ancient Arabic poetry. Al-Baṭa­lyawsī witnessed the fall of the Umayyad Cali­phate in al-Andalus and the emer­gence of the mulūk al-ṭawā᾽if who governed al-Andalus tempora­rily from al-Baṭa­lyaws as their political and cultural centre. At the end of the 5th/11th century they were succeeded by the Almo­ra­vids (al-murā­biṭūn).
The attempt to under­stand the language of the pre- and early Islamic poets was a major concern for Arab philo­lo­gists and commen­ta­tors on Arabic philo­logy and the Qur᾽ān already since the early ῾Abbāsid period. The philo­lo­gical commen­tary by al-Baṭa­lyawsī became well known in al-Andalus and in the Islamic West and can still today be cons­i­dered as one of the most important commen­tary works on ancient Arabic poetry.
Al-Baṭa­lyawsī composed his work in two volumes: In the first one he commented on the poetry of Imruʼ al-Qais, al-Nābigha al-Dhubyānī and ‘Alqama b. ῾Abada whereas in the second volume the poetry of Zuhayr b. Abī Sulmā, Ṭarafa b. al-῾Abd und ῾Antara b. Shaddād has been anno­tated.

The book is a reprint of the first edition by Nasif Sulaiman Auwad and Lotfi Toumi who has conti­nued and comp­leted the second volume.
Nasif Sulaiman Auwad is Professor for Arabic Lite­ra­ture in Jordan. Lotfi Toumi is rese­ar­cher in Islamic Studies at the Univer­sity of Kiel/Germany.