Suhanna Shafiq

Suhanna Shafiq Seafarers of the Seven Seas

Seafarers of the Seven Seas

The Maritime Culture in the Kitab 'Aja'ib al-Hind by Buzurg Ibn Shahriyar (d. 399/1009)

Islamkundliche Untersuchungen Band 311

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Seafa­ring is a parti­cu­larly important aspect of Islamic history, as not only did it allow Muslims to spread Islam as far as the seas of China, but it also played a huge role in the trade and commerce of the Indian Ocean. Yet, despite the import­ance of this aspect of Arabian and Islamic history, few studies have been carried out regar­ding the socio-cultural maritime history and the lite­ra­ture of the period. Even fewer deal with the language of maritime mate­rial culture.
The study is a synchronic inves­ti­ga­tion into medieval maritime termi­no­logy as found in Buzurg ibn Shah­riyār’s Kitāb 'Ajā’ib al-Hind, the etymo­logy of the nomen­cla­ture, as well as a diachronic inquiry to estab­lish if there is a conti­nuity of its use from the clas­sical and medieval period to present times. It cons­i­ders what the best source is for the study of maritime culture; whether lexi­co­gra­phical works provide us with the infor­ma­tion we need, or whether Arabic literary sources provide more valuable infor­ma­tion in this respect. So the work leads to a better under­stan­ding of the termi­no­logy both in defini­tion, and in the histo­rical, geogra­phical, cultural and reli­gious context in which it was used.
Along­side the analysis of the maritime termi­no­logy of third-fourth/ninth-tenth century, the study ascer­tains how much infor­ma­tion can be extracted from the sources regar­ding the evolu­tion or deve­lop­ment of Arabian-Persian-Indian seafa­ring in the Indian Ocean from early Islam to the coming of the Portu­guese in the fifte­enth century.