Yuriy Malikov

Yuriy Malikov Tsars, Cossacks, and Nomads

Tsars, Cossacks, and Nomads

The Formation of a Borderland Culture in Northern Kazakhstan in the 18th and 19th Centuries

Studien zum Modernen Orient 18

Klaus Schwarz Verlag
Langue: anglais
1. Edition ()
Paperback, 321 pages
ISBN 9783879973958

The book focuses on the rela­tions between Sibe­rian Cossacks and Kazakhs in nort­hern Kazakhstan from the time that it was included into the Russian Empire in 1734 to the end of the nine­te­enth century. The rese­arch aims to demon­s­t­rate that exten­sive contacts between abori­gi­nals of the steppe and newco­mers from the north led to the forma­tion of a fron­tier society, which was distinct from tradi­tional Russian and Kazakh socie­ties. 
The reciprocal adop­tions of diverse cultural elements and cross-cultural exchanges created precon­di­tions for the forma­tion of a »fron­tier society of inte­rests«, which cross­-cut racial and reli­gious barriers, and resisted the attempts of the Russian central govern­ment to impose its rule over the peoples of this outlying region. 
The afore­men­tioned deve­lop­ments chal­lenge the de­pic­­tion of the contact as »a battle of cultures« or a meeting of »two diffe­rent worlds«, as it is typi­cally portrayed in con­­tem­porary histo­rio­graphy.